Reading Strategies for Career Education

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Cover and Table of Contents 
I.  Comprehension in Context
  1.  Reading Skills for a Changing World 
  • Introduction 

  • What Research Tells Us About Reading 

  • Lexile Framework for Reading 

  • Reading Skills for the Workplace 

  • Reading Required in School 

  • A Quite Different Type of Reading 

  • Comprehension in Context 

2. Lexile: The “Science” of Learning to Read 
  • Using a Common Framework 

  • What Is a Reader Lexile Measure? 

  • What Is a Text Lexile Measure? 

  • The Lexile Scale 

  • Accuracy of Text Measures 

  • Conclusion 

3. Infusing Reading Strategies in the Classroom 
  • The Challenge

  • The Goal of Instruction 

  • Best Practices in Strategic Reading 

  • Assessment Drives Instruction 

  • Matching Readers with Text 

4. Assessment Data Research and Reading 
  • A New Approach to the Data 

  • Types of Data 

  • Recent Efforts to Measure Academic Growth

  • The RIT Difference 

  • More Data on Learning to Read 

  • Lexile + RIT Show Expectations 

  • Barriers to Improved Reading Growth

  • Practical Data-based Suggestions 

  • Summary 

5. Rationale for Reading Instruction beyond Grade Six 
6. Teacher Collaboration and Literacy Development Case Study 
  • Integrated Regents Program 

  • Literacy Development in the IRP 

  • Teacher Collaboration 

Complete pdf file with Chapters 1- 6


II.  Reading Strategies


All Reading Strategies in one pdf file.


III. Tips on Reading Specific Text

All Reading Tips in one pdf file



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