Educational Specifications Visioning Study 
Presented to the Board of School Trustees 12/11/2018
The primary focus of this study committee was to develop “options” for the Board  of School Trustees to consider as they search for ways to provide a quality education while reducing cost. It should be noted that the “options” in this Executive Summary are not to be considered as recommendations, but rather ideas for consideration that have been developed from studying a plethora of information.

Educational Specifications Visioning Study.pdf

Educational Specifications Visioning Study Executive Summary.pdf

School Board Meeting Video - December 11, 2018
(Started a little late due to video issues)

NWI Times Article covering the School Board Meeting

WJOB School City of Hammond Show - 12/19/2018
Superintendent Dr. Watkins

WJOB School City of Hammond Show - 1/16/2019
Superintendent Dr. Watkins and Executive Director of Buildings & Grounds James Burggraf