SIOP Teachers

  Sheltered English Observational Protocol (SIOP)

What is SIOP?

SIOP is purposefully teaching of the language necessary for English Language Learners to understand the content.

SCH and the Language Development Department would like to thank and acknowledge the following teachers for implementing the SIOP® Model along with its strategies, techniques, and activities that will not only be beneficial to the English learners in their classrooms, but to all students in School City of Hammond.  Ongoing professional development began in the summer of 2013 and will continue in the fall of 2014.


# Teacher Name/ School
1 Adams, James /Clark MS-HS
2 Alas, Cristal /Edison ES
3 Allen, Eric /Scott MS
4 Almeda, Liz /Clark MS-HS
5 Aranda, Raquel / Morton ES
6 Arce, Lynda /Clark MS-HS
7 Barboza, Juan /Columbia ES
8 Barlow, Thomas /Morton HS
9 Burrows, Angelina /Scott MS
10 Bustamante, Liz /Lincoln ES
11 Bonner, Steven /Hammond HS
12 Ciesielski, Jennifer /Edison ES
13 Cortez, Michelle /Clark MS-HS
14 Craig, June /Edison ES
15 Cruz, Elena /LDP Gavit MS-HS
16 Darwish, Aida /LDP Morton HS & Scott MS
17 Darwish, Sarah /LDP Clark MS-HS
18 Delgado, Christina /Clark MS-HS
19 Del Muro, Elizabeth /Lincoln ES
20 Evanich, Lori /Scott MS
21 Faught, Beth-Ann /Irving ES
22 Fehr, Rhonda / ConsultingTeacher
23 Flores, Martha /Clark MS-HS
24 Foor, Nathaniel /Hammond HS
25 Frame, Yviette /Master Teacher
26 Gikas, Lou /ILP Case Manager
27 Goldsby, William /Scott MS
28 Gomez, Ana /LDP Coordinator
29 Graves, Dana /Gavit HS
30 Hernandez, Christine /Scott MS
31 Hernandez, Paola /LDP Lincoln ES
32 Herrera, Angela /Gavit HS
33 Kuchar, Melissa /Irving ES
34 Kuechenberg, Jessica /Irving ES
35 Kujawa, Patricia  /Morton HS
36 Maldonado, Christina /Clark MS-HS
37 Martin, Jennifer /Eggers MS
38 McSharry, Anne /Morton HS
39 Mesarina, Patricia /LDP Wallace
40 Miranda, Sunshine /Lincoln ES
41 Morales, Alejandra /LDP Irving ES
42 Moustis, Brant /Clark MS-HS
43 Moyers, Tracy /Clark MS-HS
44 O'rourke, Thomas /Clark MS-HS
45 Osan, Kate /Gavit MS-HS
46 Perez, Mariecruz /LDP Eggers MS
47 Perryman, Marisa /Lincoln ES
48 Pramuk, Jessica /Clark MS-HS
49 Pressley, Miriam /LDP Lincoln ES
50 Ramirez, Antonio /LDP Clark MS-HS
51 Ruiz, Gregory /LDP Assessment Supervisor
52 Rycerz, Jennifer /Consulting Teacher
53 Salinas, Anthony /LDP Director
54 Sanchez, Cristina /LDP Irving ES
55 Shawver, Denise /Columbia ES
56 Tatalovich, Melissa /Irving ES
57 Vazquez, Victor /Eggers MS
58 Young, Jennifer /Eggers MS
59 Zuniga, Mina /LDP Columbia ES

SCH is proud to announce that 60 additional SCH teachers will also be SIOP trained in the fall of 2014!