Adult Education Information

Adult Education Student Policy

Policy Regarding Association With High School Students

Area Career Center policy requires that Adult Education students refrain at all times, whether in the school building or on the school grounds, from fraternizing, associating, sitting, visiting, talking with or being in the accompaniment of a high school student

Failure to comply with this policy may result in the offenders immediate removal from the program.

Restrictions Pertaining to Movement in the Area Career Center

Adult Education students are prohibited from being in any of the high school classroom areas - i.e. adult students are restricted to their own classroom areas and areas leading directly to and from the exit door(s), restrooms and the Adult Education Office, with all other areas being off-limits.

Failure to comply with this policy may result in the offenders immediate removal from the program.

Prohibition Regarding the Possession of Cellular Communication Devices and the Wearing of Gang-Affiliated Clothing

Board Policy #5413 prohibits the possession of cellular communication devices pocket pagers and the wearing of any clothing that may be affiliated with or used to promote participation in a gang.

Adult Student Conduct

Adult students are expected to conduct themselves at all times in an orderly manner that befits their status as adults and to observe all building regulations and policies. In accordance with the Regulations Governing Pupil Behavior Areas of Prohibited Student Conduct as set by the School City of Hammond and enumerated in the Student-Parent Guide, " any conduct which causes or creates a reasonable likelihood that it will cause substantial disruption interference with any school function, activity or purposes, or that interferes with health, safety or well-being, or the rights of other students is prohibited". 

Failure to comply with this policy may result in the offenders immediate removal from the program.

End of Year Graduation/Recognition Ceremony

An end of year Graduation/Recognition Ceremony will be held in our Area Career Center Auditorium to honor and recognize our HSE graduates as well as all students who distinguish themselves in our classes. Parents, family members, friends and the general public are invited to join in all of the festivities. 

H.S.E. Test Center (Room #324)

An official H.S.E. Test Center is in the Area Career Center. Testing is currently administered on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, except for the months of July and August.  If you are interested, please contact the Adult Education Office to obtain additional information (219) 933-2419.

 Instruction for Parking and Entering the Building

DAYS - Day-Time parking has been restricted to the parking lot on Sohl Avenue, located directly across the street From the Area Career Center (please park near the traffic signal in the lot).  Please use Door A to enter the building. 

EVENINGS - The parking lot located to the rear of the building has been designated for evening parking for Adult Education students.  Please enter the parking lot via Carroll Street at the north end of the grounds. Persons parking in this lot are to enter the building via the entrance (Door H) located adjacent to the large smoke stack. The lot is one-way, entering via Carroll Street and exiting via Becker Street.

Volunteer Tutors (RAINBOWMAKERS)

Hammond Adult Education is fortunate each year to receive volunteer help from individuals who are trained to provide one-on-one tutoring to learners.  Anyone interested in becoming a "RAINBOWMAKER" should contact the Adult Education Office.